Solstice Of Heroes 2020 – Limited-Time Event

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Solstice of Heroes 2020

Limited-Time Event

Solstice of Heroes is active from August 11th – September 8th, 2020!


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The Solstice of Heroes [SoH] annual event has returned for the third time!

This event is filled with the most aesthetically-pleasing armor sets known to the Destiny Universe. Collect and upgrade the new armor sets to show off your glory to fellow guardians! The new Magnificient Armor Set is up for grabs for those willing to put the work in. New items, gear, and quests are ready to be obtained.



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Solstice of Heroes Armor Sets 


Once you visit Eva Levante in the tower, she will ask you to complete the European Aerial Zone which is the 3-man matchmade activity released with last year’s Solstice Of Heroes. When you have completed this and then proceed to talk to Eva, she will grant you the Renewed Armor Set and you can start to work on upgrading the armor by completing the objective assigned to each gear piece.

There are 3 stages of upgrades to the Solstice Of Heroes Armor. It starts with the Renewed set you get from Eva, and once that is upgraded it becomes the Majestic Armor set. The Majestic set further upgrades into the Magnificent set, which is the final tier of the upgrade process. Once the Magnificient Armor Set has been fully upgraded, it receives a beautiful White Glow as a Universal Ornament. With a beautiful white hue, this armor stands a peg above the rest in its glory. Also available for purchase are elemental glows from Eververse.


Solstice Of Heroes Armor Set Renewed Majestic Magnificent Eva Levante Destiny 2



European Aerial Zone 


The 3-player challenge has returned! The European Aerial Zone is the activity where you can kill mini-bosses and open Solstice chests for loot, materials, and additional armor. To open these chests one needs to acquire Solstice fragments. These fragments can be earned by completing any activity during SoH. Only after you have earned the Majestic Armor set, you can receive additional armor pieces from these chests. That way you can grind for that armor perk combination that you desire.


Our team is more than happy to assist you in completing these sets before they’re gone!




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