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Reversal of Fortune – Missing a shot returns the bullet to the magazine after a short duration.



Ritual Sniper Rifle Questline

When they have your back to the wall, when all seems lost—steel yourself! Command your future!

Revoker is the Crucible Pinnacle Weapon of Season 7.
The Revoker is acquired by completing the Crucible questline – In Your Sights in the Competitive/ Survival playlist.
This weapon deals KINETIC damage, uses SPECIAL ammo and can be equipped in the kinetic weapon slot.

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Weapon Traits

The Revoker’s unique perk is Reversal of Fortune, which actually returns any missed shots to its magazine after a short period of time.
Hence, this weapon is for those who would proclaim mastery with Snipers in the Crucible.


The ‘In Your Sights‘ Questline has 3 objectives that you can complete in any order.


Land 300 final blows with any sniper rifle.
Defeat 50 Guardians with precision final blows (headshot kills) with any sniper rifle.
Earn 3500 Glory points in the Competitive playlist (Points lost do not hinder progress.)

If you need assistance completing this questline, the FlawlessCarryPros team is at the ready!


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