Redrix’s Broadsword

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Redrix’s Broadsword

Pinnacle Pulse Rifle Questline

The second swing is no less deadly.

Released with Season 4, Redrix’s Broadsword is a High-Impact Pulse Rifle that is infamous for the grind time required for its acquisition. Just like the prototype, Redrix’s Claymore, the updated Redrix’s Broadsword can be sure to pack a punch. This weapon deals KINETIC damage, uses PRIMARY ammo and can be equipped in the kinetic weapon slot.

Weapon Traits

The intrinsic perk, ‘Desperado‘ grants this weapon an increased rate of fire after a kill, while still retaining the same damage per bullet. The perk makes this weapon one of the fastest times to kill pulse rifles in Destiny 2.


 1. The Orientation – Kill 200 enemies with a Pulse Rifle Final Blows.

[This requires a pulse rifle that can be equipped. By ordering this step, we will complete the following step requiring you to reach ‘Brave’ Glory Rank if you haven’t already done so.]

2. The Shape of Things to Come –  Reach ‘Heroic’ Rank in Glory.

[We will complete this if you order ‘The Orientation.‘]

3. The Candidate – Get 75 Double Plays by any method.

4. Dead is Dead – Get 150 Precision Pulse Rifle Final Blows.

[This requires a pulse rifle that can be equipped.]

5. Further Instructions – Get 50 Arc, 50 Solar & 50 Void Final Blows.

6. This Place is Death – Complete 25 Quickplay, 25 Competitive & 25 Rumble Matches.

[We offer each playlist match completions type separately in the dropbox above as well as the quest step in its entirety.]

7. The Constant – Complete 20 Crucible Bounties.

[This service takes a minimum of 4 days because Lord Shaxx only offers 5 Crucible Bounties a day.]

8. The Beginning of the End – Reset Valor Rank 5 times in 1 Season.

[If there is a Valor Boosting Multiplier active, let us know in chat and there will be a very large price reduction!]

9. The End – Collect your sweet Pulse Rifle from Lord Shaxx!

Our DestinyCarryPros are ready to assist you with ALL or any of the individual quest steps in this tedious Crucible questline!

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• Must have a Pulse Rifle that can be equipped.
• Must be at the desired quest step in the questline.
• Must own the Forsaken DLC & Annual Pass.

If you need assistance meeting these requirements please contact us.
Orders that do not meet the above requirements may be refunded or take longer to fulfill*
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