Garden of Salvation

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Garden of Salvation

Raid Completion



Garden of Salvation is the Iconic Raid launched with the Shadowkeep DLC!Triumph Logo Raid Skull Transparent Destiny 2 FlawlessCarryPros Boosting Services

We will play WITH or FOR you as we complete the Season of the Undying’s Garden Of Salvation endgame raid activity. To unlock the raid, the first Shadowkeep campaign mission, ‘A Mysterious Disturbance‘, must be completed. This needs to be done on each character for that character to have access to this raid. [Or you can join someone who has access to this raid.]

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1). Once you place your order, one of our professional boosters will be assigned to you. We will notify you before we begin and again once your order is complete through our website live chat, email, or your preferred method of contact.

2). When the order is finished, you will be notified immediately via website chat and email, or your preferred method of contact.

3). If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us through our live chat, email, or text message.


We DON’T use any programs, bots, or cheats. All services are by professionals who do this for a living.


Weekly Raid Challenge


[Contact us in chat to find out this week’s Challenge.]

The weekly raid challenge can be completed if the option is selected. It unlocks a Triumph required for the ‘Enlightened‘ title and also gives an extra Powerful Reward from the loot pool. Each challenge can only be completed once per character every reset.

The Weekly Challenge is on a rotation between these Challenges
– ‘Leftovers (Staying Alive)‘, ‘A Link in the Chain‘, ‘Zero to One Hundred‘ and ‘To The Top.





•All rewards are random, not guaranteed to drop, but unique to this activity.
• Rewards from encounters drop at a higher power level.
• Upon the first completion, you will earn the ‘Inherent Truth‘ emblem.
• All mods are Armor Mods.


Both Hidden Raid Chests ARE included. (x2)

These chests can possibly reward the Garden of Salvation exclusive Armor mods along with legendary raid armor.



Key To Divinity

Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle Key To Divinity Garden of Salvation FlawlessCarryPros Boosting Services Destiny 2

If you select this option we will complete the Raid Puzzle FOR or WITH you.
You must have the quest active – and be on the step ‘Key To Divinity.’



Sanctified Mind Checkpoint Service


Looking for just the Final Boss checkpoint completion? Click the image to be redirected to the Final Boss service. Play with one of our teams or we can play for you!





• Must be at least 920 Power Level.
• Must own the Shadowkeep DLC & Annual/Season Pass.
• Must have access to the Garden of Salvation Raid.

If you need assistance meeting these requirements please contact us.
Orders that do not meet these requirements may be refunded or may take longer to fulfill*



RECOVERY • (We Play For You)

• Leave your account login information in the checkout form.
[Please make sure you leave the correct credentials.]

• Leave any necessary notes/timeframes for us in the ‘Order Notes’ section of the checkout form.
We will contact you via text/email before we begin your order and again once it’s complete.


CARRY • (Play With Our Team)

• Leave your account in-game username (ex. PSN, Gamertag, or Steam Username/Friend Code) in the checkout form.
[Please make sure you leave the correct username.]

• Leave any necessary notes/timeframes for us in the ‘Order Notes’ section of the checkout form.
We will contact you via text/email first, then one of our teams will contact you directly to schedule the run.



If you have any questions, please contact us through our live support chat by clicking on the widget on the bottom right of this page or by email through our Contact Page.

If you are concerned about security or reliability, please see our
 Reviews and F.A.Q. pages.



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