Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy
Ritual Sub-Machine Gun

“If you don’t got one, it’s time to make one.” —The Drifter

Exit Strategy is Shadowkeep’s newest Pinnacle/Ritual Weapon for Gambit. This Sub-Machine is acquired through the ‘Ghosting‘ Quest offered by the Drifter. Exit Strategy deals KINETIC damage, uses PRIMARY ammo, and can be equipped in the Kinetic Weapon Slot.

Weapon Traits

Also known as the PvE Kinetic Recluse, this weapon does a great job decimating PvE combatants. The Swashbuckler perk can also make for some great plays in PvP.

Weapon Questline

The ‘Ghosting’ Pursuit can be obtained via the Drifter in the Tower. Completing all 3 of the following objectives grants you the Gambit Ritual Weapon, ‘Exit Strategy.’


– SMG Multi-kills (150)
– Earn Points (5400)
– Earn Medals (125)

We can complete the individual steps or the entire questline for you – our teams are eager to assist!

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